Licensing, Marketing, Celebrity Branding & Sponsorships


Are you looking to license or co-brand? We have relationships with and are continuously looking for new manufacturers that offer consumers such retail products as foods, beverages, spirits, gifts and novelties, stationery, paper goods, apparel, housewares and home furnishings. Companies wishing to become one of our licensees should have market presence and the ability to generate exposure on a national or international level.


In addition to licensing “New Music Group” will also consider requests from advertising agencies and public relations firms to position your brand for advertising and promotional celebrity marketing and celebrity sponsorship campaigns throughout the world. If you don't have designs available, we work with an amazing team of international award winning designers.


Requests for celebrity marketing and celebrity sponsorship will be routed to the appropriate department within our organization and leadership of Mr. Jay Hall @ the New Music Group and our great team of associates.

You can contact Mr. Hall at 818-539-0197 or by email at

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