Established in 1981 as a concert promotion company, then evolved into a live music booking talent agency brokering national & international talent worldwide.  "When I started in the music business, I hit the ground running with my direct approach to finding success and never looked back".  Today NMG has since grown into a hard-working, Entertainment Management, Booking Agency, International Film, Television, Music & Product Licensing and Consulting firm.
Jay Hall
Founder and Principal

Jay Hall first began booking bands and promoting concerts and events from a young age. He developed a passion for artist relations and began taking on clients and starting his music career by forming New Music Promotions as a local and regional music promotion company in 1981. He then expanded throughout the Mid-West, shifting his energy toward booking national talent and coordinating tours. Hall brokered a large number of national acts to secondary promoters, theatres and nightclubs as well as promoting shows.

In the late 80’s & early 90's he sub-contracted his services to Long Distance Concerts in Cincinnati Ohio & Hollywood FL which helped grow the business into one of the largest mid-sized booking agencies in the United States. 

In 1995 he became A&R for ‘Rainmaker Entertainment” in NYC for one year before returning to Cincinnati to re-enter live booking again under “Jay Hall & Associates.  In 1997, Mr. Hall partnered and co-orchestrated and augmented efforts toward a multi-faceted organization “Noteworthy Group” in Cincinnati. This resulted in a plethora of Publishing Companies, Artist Management, Public Relations, an Independent Record Label, a Recording Facility and a Domestic and International Booking Agency.

Hall also signed on as a company A&R rep for CT. based J-Bird Records which resulted in many record contract signings.


Since expanding to LA in 2006, NMG has extended it's reach into film, television and licensing. Hall currently oversees the creative direction at New Music Group as well as business development and is acting President for the Arena Sonic Brand Company as well as President of the Italian Movie Company based in LA and Rome Italy.


Mr. Hall was mentored by legendary Midwest concert promoter Larry Aiken, (the second largest touring Broadway Producer in the United States), as well as legendary manager Richard O’Bitts and by his long time business partner Herb Gart (Don McLean, Janis Ian, The Youngbloods and many others)



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